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New Festival Quarter

New Festival Quarter is a major residential development in Poplar, London, consisting of 502 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

Start date:
Completion date:
Contract value:
Overview of Works:

Bellway Homes

July 2019
March 2021
ACM Cladding Remediation

Project Description

The site is located in a fashionable district of East London, close to Canary Wharf and The City. 

Overview Of Works:

Principal Contractor | PI Insured Façade Design & Engineering |Consultancy | Construction Management | Removal and Replacement of over 3000m² Existing ACM Cladding | New Cavity Barriers | New Cavity Insulation. 


Access and Logistics

The site masterplan consists of five apartment blocks ranging in height and all with heavily restricted access - all works were completed with residents in-situ during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Stakeholder management was key in the successful delivery of the works given the number of residents at home throughout – working in a large occupied estate, the implementation of a resident liaison team to ensure customer satisfaction was a means to measure success as well as ensure 
the programme and quality was maintained throughout. 


Process and Co-Operation

Bellway and our combined technical teams devoted their initial energy towards the finalisation of a fixed project cost and preparing large scale samples for planning approval.

Close liaison was kept with building control to ensure impact and weather testing, fire conformity, panel configuration and detailing were progressed.

We have worked collaboratively to ensure the new cladding designs are in keeping with the original intent as far as reasonably practicable, given the restraints of the new cladding system. 

Our design team are committed to ensuring that all fire regulations are considered. 


We have continued to work with Bellway following the completion of this development which is testament to the quality of installation managed by the team. 

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