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  • Emilio "Milly" Meola - Chairman
    Milly is the joint owner and Chairman of Regen Facades. He has a long history in the construction industry, primarily in the Drylining sector with his company Drywall Solutions, then incorporating a facades and a roofing company in Regen Facades and Jessella Roofing.
  • Nik Vincent - Operations Director
    Nik started at Regen Facades as Operations Director on the company's inception in April 2023. Previously he was the Commercial Director for Jessella Facade Specialists and Drywall Solutions. Nik is a Chartered Surveyor and has over 15 years experience in the industry.
  • Boyan Dimitrov - Production Director
    Boyan has been in the construction industry for over 20 years, specializing in facades primarily. Boyan worked his way through the company chain from site manager to his current position with the help of his vast technical knowledge of the products and regulations, and the good relationships that he has built with both clients and our labour forces over the years.
  • Tom Young - Commercial Manager
  • Nichola Chambers - Estimating Manager
  • Desmond Cahill - Design Manager
  • Martin Holm - Customer Care Manager
  • Miroslav Bodurov - Contracts Manager
  • Vladislav Damyanov - Contracts Manager
  • Ivan Pelovski - Facade Designer
  • Nalyan Beytula - Facade Designer
  • Carla Nunes - Document Controller
  • Neil Cook - Estimator
  • Ashley Conroy - Surveyor
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